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Big Ol’ Comic-Con Wrap-Up

A long time ago in a state far, far away, nerds roamed the earth in great numbers. Donning their ceremonial garments, they descended upon the San Diego Convention Center, exchanged coin for merchandise, and gazed in awe upon the gods and goddesses they worshipped. Giddiness hung in the air, nearly as thick as the scent of body odor. And this ritual of lust and euphoria was called… San Diego Comic-Con 2007.

Sorry for not posting this sooner. I had a case of the Mondays all last week, but I’m back (sort of) and it’s about time we summarized the coverage of all the Comic-Con festivities from a few weeks ago. As you probably know, Mike, Bill, and Kevin were all on-hand to, primarily, promote their Film Crew DVDs. The Rifftrax staff was also there, handing out goodies and generally looking sexy. Beyond that, no news or information came out of the festivities.

First up, Rifftrax has put up a nice little photo recap of the weekend, showing Mike and the Crew signing autographs, as well as Mike’s adventures with the Divx folks. Speaking of which, Mike spent some time at the Divx booth and recorded a twopart video tour (HD versions here and here) and a delightfully awkward interview (HD). (You know, it bugs me that Mike tends to buy into the whole semi-offensive “comic book geek loser” stereotype… not that anything in the video really helped to disprove that cliche.) A member of that Divx crew has a short blog about the events, too.

Earlier, I reported that the Advocate Insider spoke with Bill and Kevin. MovieJuice also recorded a lengthy and amusingly awkward video interview with the two ex-puppeteers that’s not to be missed. JoshWay also posted his own take on his experience there, here and here.

Elsewhere, Freeze Dried Movies snagged a nice interview with Mike at the Con, which provides some tantalizing(?) TimmyBigHands info and indicates that Paul Chaplin is a busy man and is still in contact with Mike. A good read. Similarly, Film School Rejects got ahold of Bill and Kevin in San Diego and throttled them senseless with demands (or, more accurately, they asked them some questions about stuff). Lastly, there were related threads on the Rifftrax and MST3K forums.

And there you have it. If you find anything else out there, please let me know. All-around, it sounds like the Con was a good experience for all involved, unless you were one of the shmucks who paid $35 for a picture with Katey Segal. Some people just don’t deserve their awesomeness.


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