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New, Del.icio.us Feature In The Sidebar

New feature time! In my travels across the internet in the name of MST3K, I come across quite a few interesting links. But sometimes they’re just not interesting enough to warrant an entire post dedicated to them. Well, like a welcome pinch to the heinder, a rather obvious solution came to me, yesterday. WordPress has a del.icio.us widget. (Del.icio.us is a site that allows people to share their bookmarks with others.) So, from now on, look in the sidebar for a smattering of MST-related links, both new and old, notable and not so much.

To start off, let me point you towards this article about an annual comedian convention known as “Super Ball,” which is run by Joel and his brother Jim Hodgson. Number eight occurred a few weeks ago. While the article focuses on Jim, the project is something that Joel seems to be heavily involved with. Worth a read.

See? That was painless, wasn’t it?


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