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Mary Jo Observes The Observable

Mary Jo Pehl updated her blog, and this time she sounds off on Michael Bay’s Transformers. She actually brings up a few excellent points that I hadn’t noticed. Needless to say, though, I didn’t analyze this film quite as much as MJ did. Where she sees the Transformers as a partial metaphor for how she tends to feel emotionally, I see giant alien robots kicking the snot out of each other. Maybe it has something to do with my external genitalia. I agree with her about Megan Fox, though.

Incidentally, for the none of you who care, I loved the movie. It could’ve been better, but it was satisfying enough for my ’80s-child mind.


One Response

  1. Matt,

    I’m the one who drug her to this movie (we have a very equitable agreement regarding who picks the next movie we see.) If Mary Jo had a jaundiced eye regarding ‘sub-text’, it’s probably attributable to the fact she was viewing this as a cinemotoghraphy experience (attendant with all implications that come with that stance), and I was viewing it as; ‘GodDAMN! Check out how cool that is when they Transform!!’ There’s bound to be no little diffference in assesments given those factors. That being said, I find it a minor miracle we’re still talking to each other in a civil tongue.


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