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LOL MST #0001

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a phenomenon sweeping across the internet, dumbing down your children and annoying your old folk. It is something that is sometimes known as “LOL meme.” Put simply, they’re pictures captioned with funny(?) “internet speak.” It is, perhaps, best demonstrated by this LOL cats site and the LOL Bots site, mentioned just a few posts below. All that to say, I’ve decided that MST3K needs to take part in this internet fad.

I introduce to you… LOL MST!

Overdone? Yes. Lame? Probably. Do I care? Not at all! A couple of times a week, I’ll be posting a new LOL MST pic. I’ve already made a few dozen, to see if it works. And yeah, it kind of does, I’d say. So, sit back and enjoy, or just roll your eyes and skip to the next post.


2 Responses

  1. Oh the joy of knowing that there will be a LOL MST #002. Thank you!

  2. Actually, given the numbering system, one might even assume that the total number of LOL MSTs could reach as high as, say… 999.

    Of course, whether or not there’s actually enough material for 999, well that’s another story altogether. :)

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