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A Quick Note

I just want to extend a quick welcome to the bewildered individuals stumbling onto this site from Overheard In New York. If you were curious enough to click my name and come here, I thank you. If you weren’t, then bite me. And if you care enough to ask what the heck this site is, then all you need to know is that I’m all about the Mystery Science Theater 3000. Click the link, read up on the show, and then watch some episodes on the video page.

For the clueless, I recently won a contest there by submitting the winning headline for this post on their site. (Go look at the site and you’ll understand what I mean.) As you can see, the MST3K flows through my veins like illegal narcotics flow through Pete Doherty’s. The prize of said contest is jack squat, save for the link to my site and a rather large surge in hits.

The end. Move along. Go back to your families.


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