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Charles Nelson Reilly, Dead at 76

Comedic actor Charles Nelson Reilly passed away, this past Sunday. He died due to complications from pneumonia. Reilly was, of course, fairly well-known for his role in the sitcom The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and especially for his appearances as a panelist on The Match Game. He remained active in recent years, via TV guest appearances and stage work.

How is this relevant to MSTies? Trace Beaulieu’s Crow T. Robot would often mimic Reilly, during the Comedy Central episodes. The references would usually consist of Crow, or someone else, giving a flamboyant laugh followed by a, “Oh, Mrs. Muir!” The reference would generally be made due to a movie character wearing Reilly’s trademark thick-rim glasses, most notably Wilbur the gay angel from Once Upon a Honeymoon.

[AP Obituary]


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