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The Attack of the Remakes

There are times when a news story from the fringes of MST fandom is either so trivial or so unfortunate that I tend to try to avoid posting about it. Well, this is one of those times. You see, a few months ago, I learned that Hobgoblins is being remade. Now, I hear that it’s actually going to be a sequel but, judging from this page, which is the closest thing to an official website that I can find, it looks a lot like a straight-up remake. I’m no fan of the movie and I’m no fan of the MST3K episode (I can’t wait to lay into that one in my review, hee hee!), and I’m no fan of the twisted, stupid logic behind remaking this waste of celluloid. Wouldn’t the cast and crew’s time be better spent, I don’t know, reading Vonnegut or wearing “Save Darfur” t-shirts?

Furthermore, elsewhere, there are plans to tread on more-hallowed ground, namely a remake of that Yvette Vickers chestnut Attack of the Giant Leeches. Don’t believe me? Look here. Yeah. This is, in all likelihood, happening. I’ll save you the usual movie-buff rant about the lack of originality in Hollywood. (Although, coincidentally, I just heard the U2 lyric, “You glorify the past, when the future dries up.”) But seriously, this is just pathetic. Hollywood puts out enough trash every year, and now the smaller studios want to put out even worse trash? Come on.

It hurts me.

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