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Riff-Labz Unveiled

Well, Riff-Labz has debuted and Mike Nelson is… 3D? If you go to the Riff-Labz page, you will find a Flash video of a CGI Mike and Disembaudio meeting up to riff on a Sam Elliot-enriched fight scene from Roadhouse. (If you’re on dial-up and/or don’t want to navigate the Rifftrax site for some reason, you can find the same clip on YouTube.)

There’s absolutely no further information about the project on the site, but one has to assume that it’s going to be a CGI nod to MST3K, being able to “see” the riffer, albeit in doughy CGI form. Will it involve riffing on just film clips? Short films, a la MST3K’s educational shorts? I’m really clueless as to how they could implement this, as the whole point of Rifftrax was the lack of a visual aspect in the product.

Anyway, go check out the clips, enjoy the novelty, and stay glued to Rifftrax.com, the Rifftrax forums, and Deep Ape for further details on this new, perplexing project. There will also be a new Rifftrax commentary announced tomorrow, so don’t stray too far, kittens.

[some info acquired via Satellite News]


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