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Tom Servo IS Mega Man

Not too long ago, I came across a post on Destructoid which pointed out a feature on another web site, I-Mockery.com. (The content is sometimes a little on the NSFW side, so tread careful, those of you at W.) On the site, they occasionally review an off-the-wall Rom hack, often one teetering into the realm of the low-quality and/or obscene. And, sure enough, if you go and let enough technologically- inclined nerds loose on the internet for a long enough period of time, you’re going to end up with an unofficial MST3K game.

Unfortunately, that formula does not guarantee a good MST3K game. It seems that some guy took Mega Man 3, from the old NES, and hacked it into “Tom Servo.” Despite the considerably undynamic new title, you’ll find that the game… well, actually, “despite” nothing – the game stinks as bad as it sounds. Sure enough, it’s a sorta noble effort but, as you’ll read in the review, this hacker apparently went to the trouble of tweaking and redesigning certain graphics and character models, and then he decided to make them as unappealing as humanly possible. And I won’t even mention the blatantly obvious textual mistakes. Still, there are some semi-cool surprises in the game, but you should probably just read about them, instead of trying to get to them in the actual game.

I tried playing this right after I found it. It’s pretty much as bad as the review implies. The awkward keyboard controls didn’t especially help me; I’m certainly no PC gamer. Still, there’s a brief period where you can’t help but exclaim, “Wowee wow wow! I’m playing a game as Tom Serv- Oh, I died. Stupid crap.” It’s fleeting, but there are a few kicks involved. Give it a download (at the bottom of the I-Mockery article; you’ll need the emulator, too). I won’t say, “Enjoy!” however. Because, well, you won’t.

Happy weekend, by the way.


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